RV Storage

Metal RV Storage Building

After you invest a large sum of money into purchasing your RV, you’re going to want the best protection on the market. It’s your baby, your form of traveling entertainment, and damage to it is unacceptable. That’s why at Elephant Barns, we give you the power to design your RV storage building to fit and protect any class of RVs. You’ll want space to put your RV, along with any other equipment, and potentially extra head room and side room for repairs you may need to make. We offer the space you need, fully enclosed in 12 or 14 gauge steel to protect your valuable RV from the sun, wind, rain, snow, hail, and even criminals.

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Sizes and Options

There are five types of RVs. Class A, B, and C motor homes, travel trailers and fifth wheels. You can design your RV storage building to fit any of the aforementioned types, with extra room to spare, and accessories to boot. We can build out a width anywhere from 12′ to 40′, a height of 10′ to 14′ (although the height cannot exceed the width), and any length you desire. If you want, you can install your building with easy to access doors, and windows for light. Create a building with colors and trim styles that match your home for an increased home value, and then certify it against high winds and heavy snow. We can take all the stress out of owning an expensive RV, and we can even make it fun! You can design it, and install it yourself if you want to!Call us today at (888) 743-8083, visit the builder page to get started, or click here to get a custom quote!