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When you’re shopping for a stand alone barn, there must be a variety of questions that run through your mind.

  • What is the barn for?
  • Do I want metal or wood?
  • How big should it be?
  • Where’s it gonna go?

If you’ve got the answer to all these questions, then you’re a huge step ahead of the game, and you get to move onto the next phase in the stand alone barn selection process. You get to consider things like,

  • What color should it be?
  • Do I need windows?
  • What kind of roof do I want?

When you shop with Elephant Barns, we’ll help bring you the stand alone barn that satisfies all of these questions. We’ll install it for free, so you can focus on the important things, like how to tame the baby triceratops that you intend to ride to work and back, because an Elephant Barns stand alone barn is perfect for housing all kinds of animals.

  • Triceratops, what?
Stand alone barn

Pictured: Stand Alone Barn, Triceratops, and Friend

Okay, so maybe you don’t have a triceratops. Not everyone is perfect…certainly not the triceratops, which went extinct 66 million years ago. Or maybe your horse is named Triceratops. That’s fine, that’s fine. Because Elephant Barns are also great for horses. You can store your farming equipment in a stand alone barn that perfectly protects your valuable things and makes your triceratops comfy-cozy at the same time! Or…I mean…horse. Yeah.

Our stand alone barn styles are made of metal, so there’s virtually no maintenance required. I mean, you already work hard. Why should your barn create extra work?

That’s a rhetorical question. It shouldn’t.

The design of your barn is in your hands. Give it some color, give it that added flare that’ll turn heads and strike envy in your friends and neighbors. Because that’s what a good barn does.


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Just remember–with the superior strength of an Elephant Barns barn, you’ll never stand alone. Get ready, because Elephant Barns is coming to your town and we’re going to build you a stand alone barn to beat all barns.

*within reason


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