Free Standing Barn Solution

We can’t predict the weather, but we know that the summer can throw a lot of different things our way. That’s the thing about nature. It’s chaotic. It’s unpredictable. It sure is beautiful—that is, when it’s not tearing apart everything humans try to build.

If there’s one thing that American life has taught us, it’s that you can’t control nature. You can certainly try to control it, but it always ends up coming out on top…except when it comes to blows with a free standing barn from Elephant Barns.

A free standing barn from Elephant Barns is engineered to maximize the steel strength. We’ve taken all the hassle out of barn construction by providing free installation on all free standing barns. What we bring to you is a barn that is built for longevity. You get all the benefits of steel with the natural charm of traditional barn designs.

Free Standing Barn

Not much is cooler than a free standing barn from Elephant Barns. Not much.

What’s more, our free standing barn designs are 100% customizable, meaning that, along with everything else, you get a barn that is all yours, designed to meet your needs. Every free standing barn that we install is built to the customer’s specifications, with countless customization options available.

So now that the weather is no longer a problem, you can finally enjoy nature the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Wait out a storm like a modern-day Thoreau, without fretting about your valuables, because they’re protected by a free standing barn from Elephant Barns.


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Let nature run its course…just not on your valuable things! Protect your equipment with a free standing barn from Elephant Barns. Check out this rockin’ blog post to learn about the different barn styles we have to offer, and remember, you can customize them all!


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